Negative pressure wound therapy provides the healing environment necessary for 2nd and 3rd degree burns.


Necrotic tissue wounds, Untreated osteomyelitis, Open arteries, Venules.


EPICURE is a device designed to be used in accordance with the globally accepted Negative Pressure Wound Therapy procedures for all acute, chronic and burn wounds. With dressing kits and canisters produced in accordance with its design, it provides the environment to support rapid and effective recovery.



It is also the only device in the segment of the compact vacuum therapy device with a touch-sensitive 5 "screen. Turkish and English language preference is available.


The instantaneous pressure value and the therapy time for the applied therapy can be monitored from the operation screen.


To the records of past therapies (therapy mode, pressure value, start-end dates, alarm records) can be accessed from the therapy registration menu and transferred from the mini usb input to external memory.


These features make it easier to use the device with easy-to-understand interfaces, as well as offer physicians a broader spectrum of therapy.



Negative Pressure Wound Therapy EPICURE

The device has the CE 2292 certificate in accordance with the directives of EN ISO 13485-2012 under the directive 93/42 / EC, medical device directive 93/42 / EEC.

Color 5" TFT touch screen
Start of therapy in 3 steps
Low noise
Long battery life
Night mode
Past therapy logs
Explanatory audio and
visual warning
Instant vacuum value indication
Continuous Vacuum

Continuous Vacuum

Continuous vacuum therapy is a method of therapy that promotes healing by applying a vacuum at a constant value to the wound dressing. The device is adjusted to the vacuum value prescribed by the practitioner and holds the wound dressing at the determined negative pressure value until the therapy is finished.

Intermittent Vacuum

Intermittent Vacuum

Intermittent vacuum therapy, as the name suggests, is a therapy method in which negative pressure is applied at specified time intervals to the wound dressing. Before therapy commences the vacuum value, vacuum application and rest time duration are set. Once started, the device repeats the application of the vacuum and the rest cycle until the therapy is finished.

Dual Vacuum

Dual Vacuum

Dual vacuum therapy is a therapy method applied to the wound dressing with two different values of vacuum. Before treatment, the high and low vacuum values and duration time of therapy are set through the operational screen. The device allows the repetition of a high vacuum - low vacuum cycle within the specified time until the therapy is finished.